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E350 Thermos

E350 Thermos


With its modern design and practical features, Model E350 Thermos is a perfect option for you to enjoy your hot drinks.


This 350 ml thermos is made of stainless steel inside and out and ensures long-lasting use. By choosing healthy materials, it preserves the natural taste and cleanliness of your drinks.


The leak-proof lid feature eliminates the risk of your drink spilling while being transported. You don't have to worry anymore; Your thermos helps you carry your hot drink safely thanks to its sealing.


Model E350 Thermos, which has a compact design with a product size of Ø68x165mm, is easy to carry and can be used practically during travels.


Whether you use it in the office or at outdoor events, your drink will always be at the ideal temperature. The heat preservation time of the Model E350 Thermos varies between 4-6 hours.


During this period, it maintains the temperature of your drink and offers a fresh taste in every sip. It offers you a reliable solution when you want to heat your hot drink for a long time or keep your cold drink cool.


Model E350 Thermos is an ideal option for those looking for practicality and health in your daily life. With its stylish design, healthy material and heat preservation time, it stands out as a thermos that you will want to carry with you at all times. Enjoy your hot drink with the Model E350 Thermos and carry it with you at all times.


You can always keep your hot drinks at the ideal temperature by purchasing this thermos, which combines practicality, health and elegance.

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