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Always follow your passion.

It all started with our passion for cycling, which we met while searching for a life within nature without interfering with nature, and which became our lifestyle over time.

While coffee was a pleasant accompaniment to our breaks on cycling tours, over time, breaks became the excuse for our coffees.

Our roasting adventure, which started when we fell under the spell of this magical fruit, has grown gradually.

and this great passion of ours turned into GREA Coffee Nations.

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3N1A2313 copy.jpg

Nothing beats a good GREA...

We believe that all the beauty in life is born from dedication and passion.

For this very reason, we roast quality coffee beans in a way that will awaken all the senses of GREA lovers, making them feel how special they are with every sip.

And for those who are passionately attached to this miraculous taste and smell like us and to those who are just getting acquainted with this endless culture.

Our sole purpose is to provide a gourmet coffee experience.

Because nothing can replace a good GREA and the valuable conversations that accompany it.

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