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Kahve tutan bir kadın eli


Everything comprising great coffee in one place

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What affects the aroma components of the beans, the acidity and body of the coffee. The taste of coffee varies depending on the type of roasting.


The spiritual power that exists in coffee and emerges when you drink it. When it takes effect, dynamism emerges.

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The first feeling that occurs when the coffee comes into contact with the nose after it is ground and brewed. It provides information about the acidity and taste of coffee.


A summary of what coffee leaves on the palate and brain, with all its properties. The residue left in the mind to make you want coffee again and again.

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The specific gravity and density that coffee leaves on the tongue and palate. It highlights the power of aroma and acids. Correct grinding and brewing is very important for consistency.


That power, the sourness, that makes you want to continue drinking coffee once you start drinking it. The acids present in the coffee bean determine the aromas.

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