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Origami Dripper Air S - Matte Gray

Origami Dripper Air S - Matte Gray


Your favorite Origami Dripper is now available with Air model and AS resin material! Origami Air is 50% lighter and much more durable than classic porcelain Origami. The elegance of Porcelain Origami is this time offered with a technical, durable and lightweight material alternative. You can use conical V-shaped filters and wavy Wave filter papers with Origami Dipper, which consists of 20 vertical grooves.

These grooves promise a more controlled flow rate. The transparent base is also designed and offered independently of the product to minimize temperature loss during brewing. If you wish, you can also use your Origami by placing it directly on the server without a base.


Air S model is compatible with size 01 papers for brewing for 1-2 people.

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