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Mucho Espresso Blend Bean Coffee

Mucho Espresso Blend Bean Coffee


Mucho Espresso Blend is GREA's gift to coffee lovers.


This magical formula, which can only be created by masters, consists of carefully selected Central and South American beans.


Mucho is a great choice for espresso enthusiasts who prefer fluid flavors with medium intensity and creamy acidity, and taste notes such as chocolate and fruit.


Sipping the creamy and bright structure of Honduras, the body of Guatemala and the aroma of Colombia in this masterful formula in a single cup is, in the words of GREA lovers, "a truly delicious experience".


This balanced and consistent espresso blend of GREA deserves the loyalty of its loyal GREA lovers with its finish and persistence on the palate.

  • Features


    100% Arabica Coffee

    Area Central and South American continent



    Fruity, Chocolate


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