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Limited Harvest - Mexican Coffee Beans

Limited Harvest - Mexican Coffee Beans


Meet Grea's new product group LIMITED HARVEST. Beans in the LIMITED HARVEST category are Honey Process coffees with much higher aroma.


The first guest of the Limited Harvest series is the richly flavored GREA Mexican AMECAMECA, consisting of Bourbon beans. Bourbon is a very special breed with an unbreakable aroma/flavor chain, grown at an altitude of 1600 meters. GREA Mexican AMECAMECA, which is dried with the honey method made by leaving a small amount of coffee fruit on it, has a sweet taste. Its soft and palatable texture at first taste enriches with a chocolatey aroma as the temperature decreases. With its fruit and hazelnut notes and increasing acidity as it waits, GREA Mexico AMECAMECA heralds that the Limited Harvest series will be a real all-star parade. Produced from the precious harvest of Bourbona trees, GREA Mexico AMECAMECA, with a tasting score of 90, offers a rare coffee experience in cups.


It is certain that it will be remembered fondly even years later by every GREA lover who had the chance to own one of the 200 packages offered for sale.

  • Features


    100% Arabica Coffee

    Area amecameca

    Honey Process


    1600 meters



    Tasting Notes

    Fruity, nutty, sweet


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