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Ethiopia Bean Coffee

Ethiopia Bean Coffee


Arabica coffee beans actually first appeared in southern Sudan, but they became famous only after they reached Ethiopia.


It wouldn't be wrong to consider Ethiopia as the homeland of coffee because it made the whole world love coffee and because of its fascinating beans.


GREA uses hand-picked Yirgarcheffe beans grown in Ethiopia without the use of any chemical fertilizers.


Offering a unique coffee experience, GREA Ethiopia is also extremely aromatic. The most exciting thing about GREA Ethiopia, which has sour, chocolate, mixed fruit, tea and flower notes in its wide taste range and is colorful and characterful, is that it gives completely different results in different brewings.


GREA Ethiopia is a very attractive option for a coffee experience accompanied by earthy and spicy aromas.

  • Features


    100% Arabica Coffee




    Washed, sun dried


    1700-2200 meters


    Soft, sweet, lemony

    Tasting Notes

    Sour, chocolate, mixed, fruity, tea, floral, lemony


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