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Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune

Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune



The Comandante Nitro Blade performance you are accustomed to now meets you with a brand new body and concept.


The X25 Trailmaster combines the excellent grinding performance we know from the C40 model with an incredibly durable and lightweight body, offering a great experience especially for outdoor use and travel that requires carrying.


The polygonal body of the X25 Trailmaster is created through a single-piece molding process using the most advanced technologies and meticulousness. At the heart of the grinder is the Nitro Blade cutting set, which is also at the heart of the C40 model. In this way, the grinding quality, which has been a gold reference at the world level for years, reaches you in a much more portable body!



Choosing the best body material is critical for a grinder focused on outdoor use. After much research and extensive field testing, Comandante engineers settled on a special and reinforced techno-polymer material for our X series products: QTP®.

The QTP® body may seem like ordinary plastic at first, but don't let that fool you. QTP® is a high-performance techno-polymer containing a significant amount of quartz reinforcement particles woven into an elastic and very strong long-chain polymer matrix. The touch feeling is like ceramic and it is a technical super-composite material with excellent strength.


QTP® composite was originally developed for mechanical engineering and equipment requiring high strength. This material is also used in the automotive industry, aerospace and mechanical gear systems operating under heavy loads.

QTP® is a material suitable for food contact and is a registered trademark of Comandante®.



  • USE OF

    You can use the X25 Trailmaster, just like our C40 grinders, for all kinds of grinding, from Turkish coffee to cold brew, and as you wish, indoors or outdoors. Therefore, you will also get Nitro Blade performance with the X25 Trailmaster. The axles, bearings, washers, springs, grinding arms and knobs used are common. For example, you can also use your existing Red Clix tuning set with the X25 Trailmaster. Likewise, your buns of different colors or different sizes.

    The X25 Trailmaster is more suitable for outdoor use than the C40 model. QTP® body is not affected by hot and cold. You can grind comfortably even in icy weather conditions. X25 Traimaster has very high water and dust resistance. When the top silicone plug is installed, your grinder is almost completely protected against external factors. You can clean the exterior of your grinder with a wet cloth while the top plug is installed.

    X25 Trailmaster does not only promise outdoor use. Thanks to its light weight, easy portability and body durability, you can use it in daily use, whether at home, in the office, or by carrying it with you all the time.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Technicial Specifications

    Weight: 420g(about 1/3 lighter than C40)

    Assembled Dimensions: 200x160x55mm (with arm attached)

    Package Size: 170x90x55mm

    QTP® Dune = Suitable for food contact

    Drivetrain: Stainless Steel

    Knob: European Oak

    Top Cap: Silicone suitable for food contact

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