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Colombia Bean Coffee

Colombia Bean Coffee


It's not for nothing that Colombian coffee beans are so popular. With its balanced and smooth taste, GREA is the favorite of coffee lovers in their beloved coffee cups.


These beans, which come from the Huila region, elevate the Colombian coffee experience with their geographical indication and the degrees they receive in the Cup of Excellence every year.


The climate richness of the region is felt in every sip. Its delicate profile, rich acidity, bittersweet notes and fruity aroma are like a journey to the lush, mountainous Huila.


Those who want to drink a layered quality coffee with a tasting score of 86 should choose GREA Colombia.

  • Features


    100% Arabica Coffee

    Area huila

    Washed, sun dried


    1520-1650 meters


    Medium, balanced

    Tasting Notes

    Bittersweet fruit tart, dark cocoa


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