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Cafec TH-2 Filter Paper Cup4

Cafec TH-2 Filter Paper Cup4


Founder of CAFEC; As someone who had roasted and brewed coffee for years, Shigeji Nakatsuka always had a thought in his mind. “How can I easily brew a delicious coffee at home?” And this idea evolved into the dream of enabling everyone to easily brew great coffee in their own home.


“Easily… at home… how…?”


As a pioneer of high-quality paper filter, Nakatsuka tried to find an answer to this question with paper. Working on paper structure, he changed the methods of drying paper and eventually developed various paper filters.


These filters, which have worked on quality paper and delicious coffee for years and can only be produced by CAFEC, marked the beginning of a new era and CAFEC said, "We want to see the happiness on your face while sipping your daily coffee!" He aimed to convey his thoughts to you.


Filter Paper


Thanks to Original Paper Production Technology “Crepe on Both Sides” with Air Drying

In the standard paper production process, the paper is dried by a heating cylinder, and in this process, the crepe on one side of the paper, that is, the layer that provides the height, is pressed. On the other hand, CAFEC papers are subjected to drying with pressurized hot air instead of pressing with the standard process. Thus, the height of the crepes on both sides is maintained. Thanks to the balance of heights of the Two-Sided Crepe, almost all coffee powder particles cling to the crepe. In this way, you can enjoy a clean coffee without getting muddy. Moreover, Two-Sided Crepe ensures smooth flow of water.



  • Preliminary information

    “It is said that the taste of coffee depends on its roast, but this is not the only variable. Controlling the flow rate and temperature is also very important.”

    Contains 100 filter papers.

  • Technical

    -Thickness-2: Thickness 0.22mm
    -Density: Medium
    -Creped on both sides (low height)

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